YP Letters: A fuller picture of Christian faith is needed

From: John Redfearn, Whitby Road, Pickering.

Does the BBC's Songs of Praise do enough to promote Christianity?

REGARDING religious broadcasting, the BBC Radio 4 presenter Roger Bolton has asked how can young people and immigrants understand the UK without learning about the role of Christianity in its structures and culture? I have felt for 
some weeks that Songs of Praise has been dominated by gospel choirs at the expense of traditional parish church singing, with the lovely Pam Rhodes or Sally Magnusson interviewing members of the Church about their lives and interests.

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Certainly gospel choirs are expressive of Christianity and should not be excluded, but not every week.

So how will many people who wish to come to our country be welcomed as equal citizens if we ignore their particular faith which is often an important part of their lives?

I feel the BBC is letting down visitors to our shores by not promoting knowledge and understanding which should be one of the main roles of a public service broadcaster. It would be pleasing if, during the period of Advent, services from a variety of Church denominations were shown on Songs of Praise.