YP Letters: Get real, Leavers, and accept co-operation is way forward

From: Don Burslam, Elm Road, Dewsbury Moor, Dewsbury.

Brexit is already dominating the 2018 political landscape.

THE naivete of those who support Brexit is astonishing. They talk about bringing back the UK’s sovereignty and responsibility for its own laws. In an increasingly inter-dependent world where the effects of laws made in one country radiate across frontiers and overseas, this is an increasingly unrealistic aspiration.

Consider the following:

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1. The flow of immigrants will be largely unstemmed for years, whatever the fate of the negotiations.

2. The movement away from the City of London (our chief economic card) to other financial centres.

3. The increasing ability of other nations to undercut our production costs and hit our overseas trade is inevitable.

4. Tariffs imposed by new markets with whom we wish to trade will be severely limiting.

5. The real value of our currency is dictated by outside events not our politicians.

This is not an exhaustive list but laws capable of generating prosperity or true independence are simply not an option in the modern age. In short, co-operation and co-ordination should be the watchwords. My advice to those who insist on living in the past is get real.

From: Allan Davies, Heathfield Court, Grimsby.

IN a briefing paper on June 3, 2015, MPs were told that the EU referendum was non-binding and advisory. In the debate in the Commons later in June, the then Minister for Europe repeated that the referendum was to be advisory only. It is unacceptable for Eurosceptics to deny this, and blatantly dishonest for MPs to pretend otherwise. They voted for a non-binding referendum. They ought, in all candour, to admit this.

From: John Turley, Dronfield, Woodhouse.

IF Leave had run an honest campaign at the time, divulged all the facts, and had the support of the majority of the British people, then there would be far fewer so called Remoaners.

From: Jim Sokol, St John’s Way, Hempton, Banbury.

WHY are Remainers still insisting the EU has the upper hand in the Brexit negotiations, when the opposite is true? If the British team opted for WTO trading rules, the reciprocal WTO tariffs would be devastating for car manufacturers in Germany, France and Spain. French vintners and cheese companies would also be hit.