YP Letters: Grand ambitions for devolution come at price

Who will fly the flag for Yorkshire in the future?Who will fly the flag for Yorkshire in the future?
Who will fly the flag for Yorkshire in the future?
From: Judy Goodwin, Altofts.

NOW that devolution for Yorkshire is gathering pace, with failed politicians’ names being touted for the post of Mayor of Yorkshire, I am concerned that this will lead to endless layers of bureaucracy which will produce grandiose titles with grandiose salaries (because we need the best!) for the long-suffering taxpayers of Yorkshire to pay for.

If or when devolution happens, all local councils should be dissolved to pay for it.

From: Arthur Quarmby, Mill Moor Road, Meltham.

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THE Government does not want to see a united Yorkshire. The Ridings restored and governed 
by a small authority set in 
York would be delightful 
and could be very successful – but would also be in a 
powerful position to 
demand fair treatment for its citizens.

So much better to have 
mayor-run cities; far easier to control. And ignore.

From: Henry Shoemark, Ilkley.

TOM Richmond (The Yorkshire Post, October 17) makes a key point. Devolution should be about the jobs and prosperity of all, not the taxpayer-funded perks and privileges enjoyed by our council leaders, chief executives, councillors and their cronies.