YP Letters: HS2 has already had an impact on our lives

There remains widespread opposition to HS2 in Yorkshire.There remains widespread opposition to HS2 in Yorkshire.
There remains widespread opposition to HS2 in Yorkshire.
From: Rosemary Nattriss, Church Fenton, Tadcaster.

MAY I gently correct the remark that HS2 ‘may impact residents’ quality of life’ (The Yorkshire Post, October 16). It has already happened.

HS2 has been impacting our lives since January 28, 2013, at 10.50 am when we were informed that our home, and my husband’s home for almost 90 years, was to be demolished.

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In the words of the song (misquoted), the railway will run through the middle of the house.

We have tried to continue to live our lives as if nothing was happening. It has been difficult, sometimes almost impossible.

We were told that it would be simple to apply for HS2 to buy our house. It isn’t. We were told we would be bought out at market value. We still have to test this remark. People have said to look for a bungalow in the village. How can we stay here and watch the destruction of our home and garden?

My husband’s grandfather built our home when he was a ganger on the railway lines in the area.

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He and his wife saved hard over the years so we are trying to appreciate the poetic justice that the railway gave us the house and the railway will take it away.

We will also try to appreciate the advantages of high speed communications from wherever we end up!