YP Letters: Jeremy Corbyn has destroyed Labour as a credible Opposition

From: Peter Neal, Oxford Court, Cleethorpes.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at Leeds station.

IF the Government is to be held to account for its performance, it is essential that this country has an effective Opposition.

Under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party is now alleged to be so anti-Semitic and institutionally racist it cannot possibly be regarded as a credible party of opposition.

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The Labour MP for Streatham, Chuka Umunna, has openly admitted that his party is “institutionally racist”, a term used by Sir William McPherson about the police following the murder of Stephen Lawrence.

And Frank Field resigning the Labour whip is indicative of the damage inducted on decent and reasonable MPs by Jeremy Corbyn and his Momentum cohorts, intent on hounding out longstanding loyal MPs whose views are more centrist.

Labour has moved so far to the left under Mr Corbyn that it is unelectable. Their policies are so extreme that the likes of Nye Bevan and Harold Wilson must be turning over in their graves.

From: Ken Cooke, Ilkley.

A PRIME feature of the EU is to achieve a level playing field for all member states through common regulations and policies. Frictionless, tariff-free trade between members is a huge benefit to all of us, as are common standards in manufacture, employment, medicine, consumer protection etc. As a member, the UK helps to formulate these policies and standards.

The Brexit proposal is to use this level playing field for our own benefit while also ‘playing away’ by changing rules we do not like and dealing with non-member states as we choose. This is blatantly unfair – perhaps even immoral.

From: Ruthven Urquhart, High Hunsley, Cottingham.

RATHER than persisting with his futile plan to eject our PM, and undermine her valiant determination to maintain the welfare and wellbeing of our beloved country, perhaps the clever, yet mildly eccentric, Boris Johnson, would be more successful if he stepped off the political ladder and auditioned for the role of Worzel Gummidge in any future TV series (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, September 8 and 15).

From: Philip Taylor, Milner Street, Lockwood, Huddersfield.

BRING us the modern equivalent of the wonderful Margaret Thatcher. This lady had the most positive attributes of any famous man or woman. She would put the ‘great’ back into Great Britain.