YP Letters: Kirby Misperton fracking protesters were protecting environment

From: Wendy Cross, Beverley.

The fracking camp at Kirby Misperton earlier this year.
The fracking camp at Kirby Misperton earlier this year.

LIKE OTHERS, I wish to take issue with Lorraine Allanson’s letter (The Yorkshire Post, May 23 and 26), which seeks to denigrate those who worked successfully to help remove Third Energy from Kirby Misperton.

During the long period in which I attended regularly to protest at the gates to the well pad there, the ingenuity of the design and the fabric of the buildings at the camp never failed to impress.

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Care regarding materials was clearly taken. I am sure that the camp site was dismantled with all due consideration.

The protectors (I feel this term is apt) need no lessons from Mrs Allanson as to ‘how to dispose of products’.

She has the grace to acknowledge that ‘the whole subject of... climate change is complicated’, while going on to give the impression that she knows everything about achieving such change.

The protectors who camped near KM8 taught us much about the way we must start to live, if we are to have a future here.