YP Letters: Leeds Bradford Airport's grand future plans are pie in the sky

From: Philip Crowther, Bingley.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling at Leeds Bradford Airport.

I DOUBT anyone can object to the proposals to expand and improve arrival and departure infrastructure at Leeds Bradford Airport. In my view, the £12m- plus proposals are long overdue to lift an archaic service to passengers into the 21st century.

However, it is stated that this minuscule amount of spending will be a forerunner to expanding services with larger aircraft handling 300 to 400 passengers and more distant destinations such as the Middle East. Such enhancements are currently pie in the sky.

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Should LBA and political leaders take off their rose-tinted glasses and look out of the window, they will see as follows:

A short single runway which cannot operate fully loaded aircraft such as Airbus A330 that have the range for long haul.

Single carriageway inadequate road links that cannot handle current passenger loadings.

The absence of any feasible rail connection that will connect both east and west large conurbations. A Parkway arrangement at Horsforth serving only Leeds is totally inadequate.

The above are major large and long-term infrastructure works that are key to developing Leeds Bradford Airport, which still ignores the key fact, it is in the wrong location.