YP Letters: Leeds on track for another Mickey Mouse transport scheme

From: Shaun Kavanagh, Morley, Leeds.

The Leeds trolleybus scheme continues to divide opinion.

LEEDS City Council (LCC) continue to “prattle on” about a transport system after the trolleybus scheme failed to get the go-ahead, no doubt 
wasting valuable money in the process (The Yorkshire Post, February 2).

Now we have LCC’s chief executive, Tom Riordan, stating “the council hasn’t ruled out a tram system plus others in the latest infrastructure investment plan”.

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A tram system proposal is likely to travel down the same great hole and behind the failed trolleybus plan, as it, too, would be totally inflexible and would create an antiquated blight on the landscape.

The guided bus system introduced some years ago involved laying concrete tracks, thereby creating a dedicated travel path, but limited the scheme to certain areas. Trams, even trolleybuses, need tracks, or overhead power, and are limited in where they can go, are costly and ugly features, so why bother with the expense?

We have heard about the scheme to run a railway line to Leeds Bradford airport which is destined to end a mile or more from the terminal building, leaving passengers to seek other transport to the building. Another Mickey Mouse scheme at the hands of LCC.