YP Letters: Let's close this deal and move on from Brexit

From: Tim Hunter, Farfield Avenue, Knaresborough.

Will MPs back Theresa May's Brexit deal?
Will MPs back Theresa May's Brexit deal?

I HOPE that all Yorkshire MPs will support Theresa May’s Brexit Withdrawal Agreement and her outline plan for the future relationship with the EU.

If you are a Labour or Conservative Brexiteer, you should support this deal. This deal delivers on what people voted for in 2016 and does it in a way that will guarantee a smooth transition without the disruption and uncertainty of ‘no deal’.

Labour has no credible Brexit plan, and the small amount we’ve heard about their ‘alternative’ appears to suggest it would be an even softer Brexit than the one proposed by Mrs May.

Labour’s ‘alternative’ would therefore let down the many Labour voters who voted to leave. I therefore believe that Labour should consider very carefully whether they really want to try and gain a short-term political advantage, at the expense of the national interest, at this critical time.

Even if you are a diehard Remainer, surely this deal, 
which involves a close and 
stable relationship with 
the EU, is better than a no deal scenario?

All Conservative MPs should support this deal, particularly as their leader and our Prime Minister is staking her political future on it.

MPs are making a big mistake if they believe the public has unlimited reserves of patience over how Brexit is handled.

This process has gone on too long. We expect MPs to vote in the national interest and to ensure Parliament is not seen to be an embarrassment at this critical time.

Now is the time to close this deal. We need to move on. If political opportunism prevails (from a number of Conservative MPs and large numbers of Labour MPs) and the economy suffers as a result, it will count against the politicians who brought that about.

Any MPs who put political opportunism above the national interest on December 11 will be judged harshly in years to come.

From: Brian Johnston, Rigton Drive, Burmantofts, Leeds.

IT is ludicrous for those shouting for a second referendum to claim that they stand for sovereignty – never mind the fact that their cheerleaders for such a vote were among the first to support the original poll, but they did not get the right answer (Jayne Dowle, The Yorkshire Post, November 29).

They claim the need for a second vote is because of the loss of sovereignty in the Withdrawal Agreement and that they cannot support – but, if sovereignty is now their beef, why were they ardent Remainers in the first place?

If sovereignty is so important, why do they still want to stay in the EU?

Actually, it would be ironic, if by leaving the EU, the UK ended up reshaping the EU but, two years on, there are no signs of such in Brussels. We’re best out of it.

From: Alan German, Station Road, Sutton, Retford.

I RECALL a definition I heard many years ago as a teenager: “Democracy – everybody gets what nobody wants.” Sounds about right.

Why flee a safe country?

From: Paul Morley, Ribblesdale Estate, Long Preston, Skipton.

WE are told that the migrants crossing the Channel are risking their lives to escape religious and political persecution in countries such as Iran.

They have entered the Channel from France, a safe country, having probably travelled through other safe countries on the way.

As international law states that asylum should be applied for in the first safe country, these people are not trying to get to the UK to escape persecution.

They are trying to get here because they know we are a softer touch than other safe countries.