YP Letters: Little sign of acknowledgement for Yorkshire's boundaries on M1

From: Mark Wilson, Grewelthorpe, Ripon.

Should there be more road signs like this on the M62?

FURTHER to Val Lanceley’s correspondence (The Yorkshire Post, January 5), I, too, have noticed a lack of signage announcing the crossing of the boundary into Yorkshire.

There used to be one near Woodall motorway services on the M1 for ‘South Yorkshire’, which all self-respecting Yorkshire folk should know doesn’t really exist.

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On a recent trip down south, Nottinghamshire was announced as Robin Hood’s County, and both Derbyshire and Leicestershire appeared to have signage at their boundaries, which I believe to be at significant crossings of rivers.

Maybe the signage is quite old. I believe Highways England may have something to do with it rather than county councils,

I’m not sure. There is much debate to the boundaries of Yorkshire.

I myself always acknowledge or notice the traditional or natural geographical boundaries, such as when one is crossing the River Tees into County Durham.