YP Letters: Local heroes who won't give up on the NHS

Health professionals are the unsung heroes of society.Health professionals are the unsung heroes of society.
Health professionals are the unsung heroes of society.
From: Coun Peter Gruen (Lab), Chair of the Adult Social Services, Civic Hall, Leeds.

IN football we sometimes talk about a game of two halves. Using this analogy, I think our health and care services in Leeds can be described in this way.

On the one hand we have an Autumn Statement from the Chancellor without a reference, never mind a pound, for elderly care.

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On the other hand our Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust has just achieved a ‘good’ rating from CQC with very positive affirmation of the leadership of Julian Hartley and Linda Pollard, and at their recent summit they showed commendable ambition by agreeing to go for ‘outstanding’ next time. Their charitable trust under the enthusiastic leadership of Edward Ziff is raising more funds than ever before.

We also have a thriving and diverse Third Sector with many local community leaders making a real impact.

There are so many talented and hard working individuals throughout these services who 
go the extra mile every day; who do fantastic work, whether routine or ground breaking; who believe in the NHS and who won’t give up despite all the failings they face.

Let’s be proud of them and thank them and trust they will see us through to a winning end.