YP Letters: Losing out on our chance to ditch Europe

From: Paul Ashfield, Harrogate.

Crowds arrive in Parliament Square in central London, during the People's Vote march for a second EU referendum.

THE Brexit opportunity to achieve a return of sovereignty and have frictionless trade with the EU was lost at the outset.

We remained a divided nation, the Remainers working assiduously to remain.

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Our disunity prevented a good Brexit. The EU seized this opportunity to launch a second project fear and determine not to negotiate seriously, hoping we will remain or if we leave it will be with a bad or no deal that will cause serious economic problems.

They would then say to the other 27 EU countries, see what happens to you if you leave. Brexit failure and their inept political management have greatly damaged Conservative credibility.

They are handing Jeremy Corbyn and his “gang”, despite Labour’s many problems, the opportunity to form a government. The prospect is horrific.

From: Richard Saberton, Leeds.

HOW is it immoral for the UK to want the best deal from Brexit?

We have been open and up front about our intentions and aspirations from the start. We want to leave the EU but retain good relations and cooperation with them while at the same time safeguarding and expanding our current trading status.

Yes, we want the benefits of free trade and tariff free borders. Why wouldn’t we?

Yes, we want to be rid of the ever expanding army of bureaucrats hell bent on controlling and regulating every aspect of our lives. Again, why wouldn’t we?

And yes, we want to be allowed to make deals and trade with the rest of the world. We’re a trading nation for heaven’s sake!

From: Ian Smith, Colston Close, Bradford.

IN what I read as a sound article about the Government’s inaction to support the North, Andrew Vine’s en passant (The Yorkshire Post, October 3) about a civil war among Tories might also have recognised that the real civil war is between all parties.

It’s fought between those who fully respect ‘Leave’ and those who don’t – the Remainers, with Theresa May being one of them. This is a national civil war, and is the nation’s blight.

Some of us have already decided not to vote again, because most politicians seek to override the referendum result, and fight among themselves for their own version of democracy – that’s their priority, not the North.

That’s also the nation’s blight.

From: Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.

ONE of the principal characteristics of Remain propaganda ever since June 23, 2016, is for Remains to tell us Leavers what we did, what we thought, how we did it, how unintelligent we are, and even who we are.

So they tell us we didn’t know what we voting for, how uneducated we are, that we are europhobes, and more dreary, false and invented epithets. Ignoring or insulting voters may be typical of the EU hierarchy, but is hardly an accolade for the EU.

The next propaganda tool is an almost helpless belief that the UK is not actually capable of being independent of the EU. It’s that belief which is at the root of all the economic misery supposedly in store for us if we dare to emulate New Zealand.

The reality is only about six per cent of UK businesses export to the EU, accounting for about 12 per cent of UK GDP.

That is important, but not significant enough to impose EU rules on the other 94 per cent of UK businesses or 88 per cent of our GDP, still less lose our independence.

From: Arthur Quarmby, Mill Moor Road, Meltham.

HOW can the ordinary voter know whom to support? The Chequers proposal has never been set out for us, and neither have any of its predecessors.

We know that many respected politicians find it unacceptable, and so we are forced to support the one proposal which, we are told, will really cleanly cut us off from the EU – the no deal decision. Are we right to think that all other deals contain elements which favour the EU, and to our detriment?

From: John King, Thurgoland, Sheffield.

THERE is a very good reason for a hard Brexit – this money could be spent on the NHS, schools, apprenticeships and research projects.

Why are we dithering?

Let GPs deal with 999 calls

From: Paul Muller, Woodthorpe Gardens, Sandal, Wakefield.

IT is said 999 staff should treat more patients at the scene.

No, that is the function of the General Practitioner who will know the patient’s medical condition.

The reason patients call 999
is because they are unable
to see their GP in a timely fashion.

GPs must again have an ‘open door’ policy for their patients who they know.

This can be done every day of the weekday, and at night, on a rota basis.

Despicable dog thefts

From: Mrs J Wolfe, Scaife Garth, Pocklington.

A FRIEND of mine is about to adopt a little dog from a very
well regarded small animal charity.

In order for them to get to know each other, she has been taking the dog for a walk quite regularly.

She was, however, quite saddened when, on her first visit, she was asked, very appropriately, by the hard working staff if she would hand over her car keys!

Apparently many would be owners were taking dogs for a walk and not returning them!

How despicable is that?