YP Letters: Loyalty no substitute for common sense that the EU lacks

From: Dennis Whitaker, Baildon, Shipley.
Parliament must not ignore the will of the people over Brexit.Parliament must not ignore the will of the people over Brexit.
Parliament must not ignore the will of the people over Brexit.

I NOTE that the German couple, Thomas and Elke Westen, currently living in Kirkcaldy, are leaving the UK because they no longer feel welcome.

So far as I am concerned, they are most welcome to stay but they should understand that the vote to leave the EU was based, partly on the astronomical cost of the bureaucracy and the dictatorial powers the EU has assumed.

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The word ‘principle’ was not used during the run-up to the election but it should have been because the day the EEC took on the mantle of the EU and began to create the United States of Europe, it was doomed to failure.

For me, the saddest part is that the EU stands for so much good and I understand the plight of the ‘Remain’ voters but their loyalty is no substitute for the common sense that the EU lacks.

I am aware there are many, including politicians, who would renege on the referendum result, but this must not be allowed to happen.

The EU needs reform, albeit without the UK, however, we still have a great deal to offer. Be under no illusion!

From: Dr Glyn Powell, Bakersfield Drive, Kellington.

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DEMOCRACY in the UK is seriously threatened because our politicians are choosing to blatantly ignore the will of the people. Two months after the EU referendum, Article 50 has not been invoked and some prominent figures within the ruling Tory party are saying we could remain in the EU until at least 2019. This would be disastrous economically and also a further illustration of the contempt the political elite have for the views of ordinary folk.

Turning to the Labour leadership contest, Blairite contender Owen Smith audaciously states that the people got it wrong on the EU and that he, like the Lib Dems, would press for a second referendum. Thankfully, he will not be elected Labour leader as members recognise that such a move would signal a move back to the dark and deceitful days of Tony Blair. Indeed, Smith’s contempt for ordinary people is further highlighted by his being a willing passenger in the attempt by right wing Labour MPs to unseat Jeremy Corbyn, who was democratically elected less than a year ago.

A further example of the erosion of democracy concerns the rush to grant ‘fracking’ licences against the overwhelming wishes of local people. Politics in the UK is clearly and openly a dirty and dishonest business.

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