YP Letters: Man's best friend when it comes to exercise

From: Mike Lowry (a happy dog owner), Cookridge, Leeds.

More people need to take up regular exercise, says the Government.

WE are being advised by the Government to (as if we didn’t know already) take more exercise.

The number of people who seem to most need this advice can be easily identified by their roly poly waistlines and laboured breathing.

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To get the best out of the advice is really quite simple: get a dog.

Owners of dogs must get out of the house every day or their pooch will complain.

In a very short while, the extra activity becomes part of the daily routine and is less of a chore, assuming you walk the dog and not someone else.

If owning a dog is not right 
for you, then borrow a neighbour’s for 10 or 15 minutes each day: their dog will be delighted.

This option costs nothing and may be a welcome help to your neighbour, especially if they have restricted mobility.

A word of caution however, owning a dog is a very serious commitment, so only go 
for this option if you can 
sustain it.

However, the rewards will be significant in more ways than one.