YP Letters: May must stand firm over Brexit and with her own party

From: Wendy Abbott, Boulsworth Avenue, Hull.

Theresa May arriving at 10 Downing Street. How long will she remain as Prime Minister?

OPPONENTS of Prime Minister Theresa May claim to have gathered together “the support of up to 30 MPs to demand that she stands down”.

However, 48 signatures are required to force her hand. Back in 2008 a similar plot to unseat Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown was unsuccessful.

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The media are constantly suggesting that Mrs May cannot survive. She can be over- optimistic at times and has seriously misjudged her position on occasion, but Mrs May is a strong and formidable woman, she will not resign voluntarily.

I believe if she listens to her critics and acts swiftly, it is possible for her to bounce back. For example, the Brexit situation is a priority for our country.

Here we are four months on from submitting our letter of resignation from the EU, too little progress has been made and we appear to be no further on with the negotiations than when we started. She must stand firmly against the EU leaders who undermine her authority as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

If she fails, not only will her leadership be terminated, but the Conservative Party will probably lose the next election. The fate of the party is in her hands.

From: Nick Yates, Laverock Lane, Brighouse.

THERESA May won the election and, in doing so, bought time and decimated the SNP. She is effective, diligent and hard working – there is no credible alternative leader.

If she had not called an election, she would have been condemned by those who criticise her now. The British people voted for Brexit to extricate themselves from the EU bloc.

Mrs May has support from the rank and file of Conservatives. Under her leadership, we have the best prospect of disengaging ourselves from the sorry mess that is the EU and whose representatives do not negotiate but simply obstruct.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

BORIS Johnson and the others who try to undermine the Prime Minister should remember that they were elected to serve the country and the constituencies they represent, and not to constantly try to put their own agendas first.

Personally I am fed up with reading in the Press, and hearing on TV, about which member of the government is trying to unseat Mrs May.

Self-aggrandisement is no indication of worth.