YP Letters: NHS parking charges insult staff and patients

From: Shaun Kavanagh, Leeds.

Should hospital parking charges be scrapped?
Should hospital parking charges be scrapped?

THERE can be little wonder why the NHS is in such a state when the “powers that be” within NHS trusts choose to charge staff for parking at work, charges which eat into their salaries.

These are salaries which see little increase but merely stand still, yet staff are expected to continue to work for diminishing reward. In addition, the NHS trusts also charge in-patients, out-patients and visitors alike, adding tension, frustration and additional suffering for those in hospital, their visitors and out-patients at such times when compassion is required.

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It is a scandalous situation whereby NHS trusts are failing patients, visitors and their staff at every given turn.

Simon Neville, director of strategy and planning at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, said “some patients and visitor groups are entitled to permits allowing free parking”, but that only caters for a small percentage and what about staff?

That statement is an insulting cop out and is simply not good enough.