YP Letters: Osborne must give North more than crumbs off the table

George Osborne at a Garforth school on the morning after his Budget.George Osborne at a Garforth school on the morning after his Budget.
George Osborne at a Garforth school on the morning after his Budget.
From: Chris Gallacher, Chairman, Ukip Redcar.

IAIN Duncan Smith’s resignation is not just the departure of a senior Conservative but further nails in the coffin of George Osborne’s ambition to be the next leader of that very party.

Like most politicians, he has believed he is more powerful and important than he actually is. However, the underlying fact is that he has tried to turn welfare into a cash cow to fuel his tax giveaways for the better off and destroyed any remnants of credibility in the claim that we “are all in it together”.

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We are not even considered 
in the North, when a fraction of the monies for “Crossrail 2” would fund massive improvements in the roads, rail, ports and air facilities in our region.

What is needed is a fairer distribution of Government revenue to mitigate the disadvantages faced by all operating in this area.

Rather than giving us the crumbs from the table, we would like a slice of something tangible now and not some time in the distant future.

From: Terry Palmer, South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley.

I HAVE noticed a number of letters published in The Yorkshire Post which in many cases concerning the EU are wrong. I should like to try and remove a few myths, if I may.

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Being in the EU safeguards jobs. Over one million UK jobs have been lost since we joined the EU including whole industries wiped out such as ship and train building, chemicals, textiles, mining, steel production and chocolate making while others like fishing and farming have suffered badly under EU regulations.

Three to four million jobs depend on being in the EU. No. They depend on trade with the EU, which will not suffer. It would be against EU and World Trade Organisation rules to enter into a trade war just because we left.

We have nothing to lose, and much to gain, by voting “Leave” on June 23.

From: Phil Baggaley, Hull.

I UNDERSTAND that our Government gives £55m a day to the European coffers.

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Surely if the referendum is 
in favour of a Brexit, we could give, day one, £55m a year to assist the Border Agency; day two, £55m to assist the NHS; day three, £55m to assist the education department; day four, £55m to assist the police; day five, £55m to help old people care homes and we still haven’t spent a week’s worth of our contribution.