YP Letters: Prevention is better than cure for potholes

From: Andrew Murday, Harrogate.

Is climate change to blame for the proliferation of potholes on the region's roads?

YOUR recent letters pages have been full of holes – potholes that is.

The recent torrential rain has added to the problem. Estimates that there are 14 years’ worth of repairs are surely well short of the mark now. Indeed, some of our local roads are close to being washed away.

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As a medical doctor, I know that prevention is better than cure.

So whilst it is important to repair the damaged roads, it is just as important to try to prevent the damage which is no longer just wear and tear but is exacerbated by man-made changes in our climate.

The repairs are the responsibility of our local and national governments.

They need to invest more or else our economy will be brought to a halt by the condition of our roads.

But climate change is the responsibility of us all.

As individuals, we should do all we can to reduce our carbon footprint and we should be pressurising our elected representatives to ensure that environmental considerations are a primary consideration in all their decision-making.