YP Letters: The public knew what they voted for on Brexit - and were right

From: D Wood, Howden.

Did people know what they were voting for with Brexit? (PA).

John Cole (The Yorkshire Post, March 16) states that those who voted to leave the corrupt, undemocratic, German dictatorship currently known as the EU got that decision wrong and says the evidence is piling up.

Where is he getting this evidence from? We have not left yet so there cannot possibly be any evidence to suggest that the majority decision was wrong.

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The only way that he can be proven right is for us to leave the EU completely and see what happens then? I would suggest that if this is to happen it will be Mr Cole who is found to be wrong. His claim regarding the civil service can be totally disregarded, as few if any civil servants voted to leave the EU and if they thought there would be more civil service jobs rather than fewer they would have all voted to leave.

Even if he was right £2bn is a lot less then the £20bn we currently pay the EU, and those civil servants would be working for Britain and not the EU as is now the case.

Mr Cole’s record must surely be all but worn out by now. When will he realise the majority knew what they were voting for and still do? The economy is doing fine and even the doom merchant economists are now admitting that fact.

Siemens are actually going to build a £200m train factory in Goole despite the fact that we are leaving the EU. The only pig-headedness is on the part of Mr Cole who cannot accept the result of the referendum and that he got it wrong and 17.42 million voters got it right.

From: Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon.

The ever pompous John Cole has now stooped to calling all Brexit supporters “pig-headed” (The Yorkshire Post, March 16). Is there no end to this man’s self importance? It really must be wonderful to always be right, and to be able to look haughtily down on the rest of us serfs.

From: John Turley, Dronfield, Woodhouse.

People did vote Leave for a variety of reasons. Nat Wendel (The Yorkshire Post, March 16) may or may not be correct in saying it was austerity rather than racism which led people to vote for Brexit.

However Nat Wendel is at least acknowledging the fact that a great many people voted Leave in the EU Referendum for reasons other than being passionate about leaving the EU at any price, a matter which is constantly being denied and derided by the most ardent Brexiteers.