YP Letters: Putting into words what Brexit really means to the UK

From: Ian Richardson, Railway Street, Beverley.

Should Theresa May be replaced as Prime Minister and, if so, by whom?
Should Theresa May be replaced as Prime Minister and, if so, by whom?

‘BREXIT means Brexit’ was always likely to mean very little. Now, two years on, defining a word by the same word (patent tautology to linguistic experts) seems particularly futile.

Perhaps the following words take us much closer to what Brexit appears to mean: animosity, blustering, chaotic, contemptuousness, deceiving, delusional, derisory, despairing, dissembling, disintegrating, divisive, duplicitous, demagogic, fallacious, farcical, folly, foolish, fraudulent, hubris, lying, impoverishment, irresponsible, masochistic, selfish, vainglorious, venomous, xenophobic.

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Twenty seven in total, one for each of our partners and unless we ‘take back control’ of most of these words, we are heading for one more, that perhaps we fully deserve to endure: catastrophe.

From: Janet Berry, Bar Lane, Hambleton.

I HAVE read that at present our net contribution is about £9bn to the EU, yet our Government has agreed to pay a £40bn divorce settlement. Do any of these politicians have any idea of business or how to negotiate?

It beggars belief and how disloyal are the 12 Tories who voted against Theresa May, even though seven of their constituencies voted to leave the EU.

I am so sick of the endless arguments that we are not joining the Conservatives this year as there is not a leader amongst them. I do quite like Jacob Rees-Mogg who does stick to his beliefs but, as for the rest, I have absolutely no confidence in any of them.

There should not be Brexiteers or Remainers.

We are leaving and everyone should pull together to secure the best deal for our country.

How different the situation would be if Margaret Thatcher had been in charge.

When she was Prime Minister, I felt secure but, at the moment, everyone is unsettled and worried.

From: Mr R Hemingway, Monkbridge Road, Meanwood, Leeds.

THERESA May is a dedicated Europhile. Her abject negotiations and surrender of £39bn to EU coffers and now the Chequers fiasco. A hotch potch of a White Paper which nobody, including the EU, will be happy with. Michel Barnier will do an Oliver Twist and ask for more as he has no intention of giving the UK a fair deal. What the PM does next is anybody’s guess but you can guarantee it will be pro-EU.