YP Letters: Residents join forces to save community from HS2 route

From: Jonathan Pile, Crofton Against HS2.
Residents of Crofton are lobbying against plans to reoute HS2.Residents of Crofton are lobbying against plans to reoute HS2.
Residents of Crofton are lobbying against plans to reoute HS2.

A PETITION against the proposed route of HS2 has been organised by Crofton Against HS2 and has already been signed by more than 50 residents (Tom Richmond, The Yorkshire Post, July 30).

It reads: “We, the undersigned residents and representatives of Crofton, are horrified and disgusted at the plans of HS2 Limited to destroy large parts of our village by the siting of the High Speed Two train track through our community. We oppose the siting of the track and the depot here.

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“We are furious that no consultation was made with our community or elected representatives, prior to the July 7 announcement.

“We will fight to stop the construction of the track here in Crofton.

“We call on David Higgins, from HS2 Limited, and Chris Grayling, the Transport Minister, to meet with us to hear alternative proposals to re-route the track out of our village into unoccupied farmland to the east and west of our 9,000-strong community.

“We call on council leader Peter Box and Wakefield Council, and HS2 Limited to carry out a full Environmental Impact Assessment and full assessment on the human and business impact on our community.

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“We call on our elected member of Parliament, MP Jon Trickett, to visit Crofton and immediately table a question in the House of Commons at the first opportunity.

“HS2 Limited has blighted our village and we demand compensation for loss of house prices for families who have purchased or are selling property.

“We demand HS2 Limited meet with us at the first opportunity to understand that Crofton has been grossly affected by this unnecessary targeting without consultation or considering - for the damage to the people, environment and businesses in the village.

“We express solidarity with other affected communities in Mexborough, Hemsworth, Altofts, London and elsewhere across England. We will work to see this £80bn vanity project is scrapped, or changed to that ordinary people’s lives are not wrecked, in order for rich people to travel faster.”

From: Richie Coleman, Wakefield.

THANK you Tom Richmond for revealing that the HS2 boss is on £750k a year – and reluctant to accept any scrutiny. What are our MPs going to do about this? It is truly scandalous.