YP Letters: Sir Patrick Stewart's star quality can't rewrite stale anti-Brexit script

From: Thomas W Jefferson, Batty Lane, Howden.
Sir Patrick Stewart at the launch of the People's Vote campaign.Sir Patrick Stewart at the launch of the People's Vote campaign.
Sir Patrick Stewart at the launch of the People's Vote campaign.

THE actor Sir Patrick Stewart starred in the opening scenes of a new production which opened on The Andrew Marr Show (The Yorkshire Post, April 16). It was the People’s Vote, a campaign to give the electorate the right to vote on the terms of any eventual Brexit agreement.

Alas, it was an unconvincingly plot which even Sir Patrick’s undoubted star quality was unable to rescue. The script was weak and, when asked what would happen if the electorate rejected the Brexit deal, there was an embarrassing pause. Whether Sir Patrick had forgotten his lines, or the scriptwriters had simply failed to anticipate such an elementary question, the spluttered response was an anti-climax.

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He didn’t know what would happen: maybe we would just stay in the EU or maybe the Government would be sent 
back to re-open negotiations 
for a better deal.

Marr clinically exploded this hapless performance by pointing out that there was no certainty that we had the right to unilaterally opt to stay in the EU.

It seems unlikely that this production will resonate with the public. It is a rehash of similar ones and this latest rendition has nothing new to offer.

From: Don Wood, Howden.

AS yet more anti-democratic, anti-Brexit marches are held, I have just seen a picture of one demonstrator draped in the EU flag and waving a Union Flag which is, as usual, upside down.

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Do they think that we are really going to take any notice of people who do not even know which way up our national flag should be flown?

This just shows their total lack of knowledge of this country.

From: Hugh Rogers, Messingham Road, Ashby.

SOMEONE should point out to campaigners for a vote on the terms of Brexit that even if they were successful and the electorate turned the deal down (assuming they were given the chance, which is unlikely), Britain would leave the EU anyway, in compliance with the original referendum, in a year’s time but without a deal. All the campaigning in the world will not stop the Brexit clock ticking.

Leaving without a deal would be a far worse outcome. Is this what those promoting a so-called People’s Vote really want? The same goes for any Parliamentary vote, of course. It’s all just a waste of time. Time which could be spent doing something more useful than trying to frustrate the will of the British people.