YP Letters: Spending thousands on cycle lanes in ... to benefit the few

From: Andrew Kilburn, Alandale Crescent, Garforth, Leeds.

The opening of the Cycle Superhighway in Leeds, but is it a waste of money?

I HAVE travelled from Garforth to Leeds General Infirmary every day for the last nine weeks and have been able to observe the usage of the cycle lane from the A63 to the Woodpecker junction.

In this time I have counted eight users, one of which was cycling in the wrong direction and another who was keeping up with 40mph traffic on the downhill section (passing a bus stop where a mother and toddler were waiting) without slowing down. However, I’m glad to report that on Thursday morning it was being put to full use... by pedestrians! They were taking advantage of the fact that Leeds City Council had de-iced the cycle lane but not the pavement.

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Never, in the field of personal transport, has so much been spent by so many on so few.

From: Shaun Kavanagh, Morley.

WE are at a stage where there are too many traffic cameras, but they are in place simply because of irresponsible drivers. If drivers used common sense, instead of flaunting the law, then perhaps there wouldn’t be the need for so many.

From: Jeff Thomas, Strait Lane, Huby, Leeds.

WITH reference to the street lighting switch-off saga (The Yorkshire Post, December 30),a complete re-think is needed. To save a few thousand pounds is futile when balanced against the public feeling safe. Because of the terrible state of the roads and footpaths due to lack of maintenance, the councils should abandon the switch-offs.

From: Tim Bradshaw, Slaithwaite.

HOW good to hear that councils are saving money by switching off street lights. We have saved the councils thousands of pounds as the lights do not exist where we live.

Perhaps by paying £200 per month to have our dustbins emptied will help to save money that would have been wasted on projects beyond our control.

From: Jackie Dusi, Mastall Lane, Arksey, Doncaster.

RE misuse of Blue Badge disabled car parking badges (The Yorkshire Post, December 31).

Just sit in Doncaster Market car park where the disabled park for free and you will see folk parking in the disabled bays, display with sticker then leap out and proceed across the car park faster than Usain Bolt. Every space is always full.