YP Letters: System of political confrontation led Britain to this mess

From: Don Burslam, Elm Road, Dewsbury Moor, Dewsbury.

What now for Brexit?

WHAT an unholy mess our politicians have got us into. The future is as uncertain for the UK as it has ever been in peacetime and our combative political system means that shouting and posturing ensures that no improvement will appear on the horizon; quite the contrary.

Nevertheless, we are more fortunate than the Americans who were so ill-advised as to elect their worst president in history. Although our system is deeply flawed and ineffectual, we do avoid giving responsibility for our government to such dangerous incompetents as Donald Trump. Now it seems we must suck up to such menaces in the hope of a big trade deal. What a hope!

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The situation cries out for more consensus in our politics over such problems as the NHS, housing and poverty pockets. This has got to be more sensible than the same old tired alternatives as giving the market free rein or more nationalisation.

As a first step, we could adopt PR which would render the system less confrontational. Germany has PR and they are doing alright.

From: Ian Oglesby, Stamford Bridge, York.

THREATS from the dictatorial EU are as unacceptable as the precedent of punishment promised because we are opting out of the planned United States of Europe and its abolition of nation states.

Our bright future outside the EU will be brighter still, without the inevitable chains and disadvantages of a Brussels-style Brexit agreement.

It is now blatantly obvious that no deal is better than a poor deal or indeed years of protracted arrangements, tantamount to circumventing and jeopardising our clear referendum results.

From: D Wood, Howden.

THE picture from the latest EU summit with the British Prime Minister pushed to the back shows the absolute contempt which the EU has for Great Britain. How much more of this humiliation are our political leaders going to take from these so called “friends”?

We don’t need their permission to leave. We should walk away now and return to WTO rules.

From: Allan Davies, Augusta Park, Grimsby.

ON a briefing paper on June 3, 2015, all MPs and members of the Lords were told that the referendum was advisory only and would not be binding.

That is clear enough. Why pretend otherwise?