YP Letters: Threat from high-speed rail link

From: Robert Burgess, Bannockburn Way, Altofts.

What next for HS2 in 2017?
What next for HS2 in 2017?

I, and others, have campaigned to publicise the major issues surrounding the recently confirmed high-speed train link that is going to cut through a number of towns and villages, not to mention countryside of outstanding beauty, if it does go ahead.

We have campaigned to try to get the project stopped before the Government committed this country to even more mounting debt, borrowing billions of pounds we all know we can’t afford. We repeatedly asked the local three Labour MPs to back and support us. Sadly they felt that they should support the party line.

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We noted that once the decision had been announced the MP for Normanton made a statement in Parliament ‘challenging the Minister on the appalling response to local arguments’. I can’t help thinking that it’s no good closing the stable door once the horse has bolted.

On numerous occasions we lobbied Yvette Cooper requesting that she would take our concerns and arguments to the Government but she seemed to feel at the time that HS2 would eventually be a good thing for our communities.

The Altofts & Kirkthorpe action group against HS2 have called a public meeting on January 23 at 7.30 pm in The Brigg, Altofts, to try to see if we can persuade the Government to have a rethink about the high- speed rail link.

This could be your last chance to speak out against it, if we don’t do anything then the Government and HS2 Ltd will assume we are all in favour of it and we will be left with a white elephant on wheels.

From: Judy Goodwin, Windross Close, Altofts.

WHEN saying that the miners at Kellingley have been let down by government, I do hope Yvette Cooper is also speaking about the government she was part of.

Her old boss, Tony Blair, closed more coal mines than Margaret Thatcher, and her other old boss signed us up to the Kyoto agreement putting the final nail in the coffin for mining in this country.

I don’t recall Ms Cooper having her photo taken looking forlorn in front of mine workings demanding they help the miners.

Thanks to our supporters

From: David Sharrod, Chief Executive, Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust.

ON behalf of Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT), I’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to the many individuals, businesses and partner organisations who have supported our charitable work over the last twelve months.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of our work restoring wildflower hay meadows, we launched Meadow Links – a project that aims to empower communities to conserve their local wildlife. Working together we’ll create species-rich meadows and wildlife patches across the Dales and Forest of Bowland to support bumblebees, butterflies, birds and small mammals.

Green Futures also began this year, bringing opportunities for 4,000 young people aged 11-24 to connect with their local environment over five years. We’re sharing the skills and knowledge to help make real environmental improvements and raise awareness. It’s part of Our Bright Future – a movement of 31 youth-led projects across the UK, funded by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund.

The year 2017 looks set to be another exciting one, not least because we will be celebrating the Trust’s 20th birthday.

Do not listen to have-beens

From: David H Rhodes, Keble Park North, Bishopthorpe, York.

WITH regards to Brexit, both Sir John Major and Tony Blair creep out of the woodwork to try to disrupt the process.

Surely their time was prior to the referendum to argue their case for remaining in the EU? If they wish to alter the course of events, then they should do it as Members of Parliament and thus part of the governance of the UK.

They have had their time and it is purely conceit that they think their opinions should hold any sway in what is only disruptive tactics to undermine the Brexit negotiations.

For Tony Blair his opinion is valued as much as his achievements as Peace Envoy in the Middle East – zilch. I hope the media do not give him air time.

If one is able to dispute the verdict of any legitimate referendum finding then I hope some astute legal brain will cast doubt as to the validity of the Chilcot inquiry and maybe push for an Act of Treason to be brought against Mr Blair!

From: John Hall, Pennithorne Avenue, Baildon.

THE “Leave” campaign’s outright lies and fact-twisting, (I don’t care if the other side did the same) appealed to many who were prepared to ignore the truth and decry impartial judgements. This country once rose above the sort of misguided populism that led to the rise of wicked despots in the last century. Has our society become as sick as that of Germany in the 1930s?

Never was there such a time for Parliament to take back control.

Give us 99p coin

From: Mr Ruthven Urquhart, High Hunsley, Cottingham.

IS it not about time the Royal Mint considered producing and circulating coins valued at 99p?