YP Letters: Tories leap on burka row to block both Boris and Brexit

Boris Johnson.Boris Johnson.
Boris Johnson.
From: Canon Keith Punshon, Dalton, Thirsk.

THE Tories attacking Boris Johnson for his comments on the burka are clearly hoping their audience hasn’t read his article. He defends the right to wear it (The Yorkshire Post, August 9).

This is an argument over Brexit and the Tory leadership, not the burka. Boris is a threat to the leadership of Theresa May and the Civil Service-led policy of undermining Brexit. She set up a Brexit department, only to work to subvert and ignore it.

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All the senior Tories complaining about Boris are Remainers, and many of them themselves have had harsh things to say about women being forced to wear the veil.

Many of their previously expressed sentiments reflect what Boris really said in his article. This is opportunistic hubris aimed at undermining the democratic vote to leave the EU.

In December 2016, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said: “Show your face. The full coverage is not permissible, and should be banned.” The countries in the EU which ban the niqab and the burka are France, Austria, Denmark, Germany and Belgium. Boris wants tolerance, freedom and to leave the EU.

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The Establishment wants us to be governed by a Union that is treating us like a defeated enemy.

From: Janet Berry, Barfield, Hambleton.

DURING a visit to London with my five-year-old grand-daughter, she saw many people wearing the burka and asked me if it was Halloween, as she actually thought the ladies were ghosts! The taxi driver burst out laughing. It was an innocent remark by a child. It is not appropriate dress for England.

From: John Riseley, Harrogate.

I AM deeply shocked that in 2018 a white male newspaper columnist would dare to use the L word (letterbox).

It is incomprehensible that Boris Johnson has declined to apologise.

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This is not the craven grovelling to exaggerated minority sensitivity we have come to expect from our leaders.

From: Jennifer Wiles, Four Acre Close, Kirk Ella.

BORIS Johnson puts his foot in it again simply for saying what lots of people are afraid to say.

From: Barrie Crowther, Walton, Wakefield.

SURELY the over riding question is why in a modern free society does anyone want to wear such a restrictive garment as the burka?