YP Letters: Tories must ditch pathetic PM before she does more damage

From: R Hemingway, Monkbridge Road, Meanwood, Leeds.

Theresa May.

FOR the past 12 months, Theresa May has presided over a disastrous election, an inept party conference and disastrous Brexit negotiations culminating in a transition period which maintains our status quo in the EU.

Allowing the EU to continue fishing in our waters is unacceptable and a crushing blow to our fishing communities.

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As a weak and ineffective PM, she has not only allowed the EU to dominate the Brexit negotiations but she does not seem to have any control over her Cabinet.

Boris Johnson continues to talk a load of codswallop.

No doubt Russia was involved in the Salisbury poisonings, but comparing Putin/Russia to the Nazis was stupid – Russia lost 20,000,000 people in the Second World War and without the Red Army the outcome could have been different.

As for Amber Rudd, she should be sacked immediately. Giving a foreign company the passport contract is an absolute disgrace. This is a massive kick in the teeth for British companies.

EU rules state that governments should not favour domestic companies, but the French, German, Spanish and Italians produce their own passports, citing national security. Are the rules different for us?

The EU’s support relating to the Salisbury poisonings is merely a soupçon looking ahead to the continuing Brexit negotiations in which it will undoubtedly favour a deal to suit itself and certainly not us.

I don’t think Putin will be losing any sleep over Theresa May or the EU.

When are the Tories going to ditch this pathetic PM before she causes any more damage?

From: Dorothy Cawood, Westbourne Gardens, Garforth.

HEALTH Secretary Jeremy Hunt needs to stand down, he hasn’t a clue.

He would glory in allowing the NHS be privatised. We all need to get together and stop him in his tracks. All those poor nurses, doctors and more went to London on a march and where was Jeremy Hunt? He’s a coward.

Leave the great doctors and nurses to do the job they have trained for. Get him out sooner rather than later.

From: Henry Cobden, Ilkley.

IT’S about time Labour started explaining how they intend to fund their policy promises – even Shadow Ministers don’t seem to know.