YP Letters: Train guard's role is vital to passenger safety

From: Jarvis Browning, Main Street, Fadmoor, York.

Do you support the principle of driver-only trains?

PERSONALLY I don’t support strikes, but having spoken 
to an family member whose father was a guard on passenger trains in the past, this is a vital public safety role as well as involving collecting the right tickets and fees from the passengers.

A driver-only train? This is not possible, as the driver has enough to do to keep the train running on time and safely. The same applies to bus drivers while on the move.

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The train driver simply does not have the time to see to a disabled person up a ramp, put it away and run along the platform or through a crowded train to get to his compartment, with folks stopping him or her to ask when might the next connection for their next train run.

If somebody falls ill or there is a a fight, a driver doesn’t have eyes in the back of their head.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

WHAT does Transport 
Secretary Chris Grayling 
propose to do to stop the industrial action on the 
region’s railways?

My mistake. It’s in the North 
so it doesn’t matter to him.