YP Letters: We must allow MPs chance to scrutinise our Brexit '˜plan'

From: Tony McCobb, West Ella Way, Kirk Ella.

Theresa May is coming under pressure from Brexit supporters and critics.

YOUR correspondents who are demanding immediate hard exit from the EU show scant respect for voters’ wishes. The ‘Beleavers’ promised more money for the NHS, and many well-intentioned people voted for that.

Boris Johnson’s big red bus has turned out to be a deception, and has betrayed a lot of voters. The Government is cutting back yet again on health services. It is of utmost importance to our democracy that MPs of all persuasions have a chance to examine, scrutinise and debate the plan (if there is one) and the costs of leaving the EU. We, the voters, won’t have any future say in how the UK moves forward.

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From: Barry Foster, High Stakesby, Whitby.

WHETHER we agree with election results or not, it seems democracy is going out of the window. In this country, we voted for Brexit. The sooner it is brought into force, the better. The less money spent on it, in view of all the cutbacks we are having to face, even better. As for Trump, the people of America gave him a resounding victory. It is their country and their right. So please stop moaning and let us make our country great again.

From: DM Loxley, Hartoft, Pickering.

THE majority voted Leave on June 23. It is the Government’s job to honour this vote. Prevarication to beyond March 31 next year will see half MPs out of work. Let them tread carefully.

From: Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.

THE reality is both sides want access to the other’s market, something Theresa May appears to forget.

If she really wanted to leave the EU, we could be out in a month by repealing the ECA directly in Parliament.

We then offer to trade with the EU on the same terms as we already do.

It is to the advantage of the EU to accept, but if they don’t we revert to using WTO rules, as we do now with the rest of the world. Despite whines from big business, that is something they are familiar with already.

From: Mr Jim Midgley, Barmby Moor, East Yorkshire.

THE Establishment has every intention of fudging, blocking and delaying Brexit to a point where we the voters will not know the true outcome because of the extent of their trickery, smoke and mirrors etc.

Europe needs us more than we need them.