YP Letters: We must not undermine Prime Minister over EU fisheries

The fishing industry's future is tied to Brexit.The fishing industry's future is tied to Brexit.
The fishing industry's future is tied to Brexit.
From: MP Laycock, Wheatlands Road East, Harrogate.

HOLLY Lynch (The Yorkshire Post, May 29) is quite right to demand better protection for Britain’s fishermen when we leave the EU.

She would do well to remember that her party’s persistent undermining of our Government’s negotiating position is making it much harder to negotiate good terms for leaving. She says, quite rightly, that it is “the worst of all worlds” to be locked into the Common Fisheries Policy but with no say. We must not allow this.

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The same would be true if we remain in a Customs Union or “Single Market”. Theresa May needs to be encouraged to stand firm, not undermined in these negotiations.

From: L Brook, Rothwell.

WE joined the trading market many years ago, and it proved beneficial to all members.

Brussels has subsequently extended control to our courts, laws, human rights and is presently considering an army as part of their mission to have an united “states” of Europe with individual countries submerged.

I voted to leave this threatening tyrant to return to being a complete country. The “remainers” have either other vested interests or are happy to become a ruled state. Nobody can honestly say what the consequences might be but they are better than the EU future, trying to completely rule 28 countries.

From: F Wright, Lyndale Grove, Normanton.

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THE letter from Harry Brooke of Meanwood (The Yorkshire Post, May 24) is the best suggestion yet I have seen put forward about Brexit.

Most people have been in a Weatherspoon’s pub and seen how efficient they operate. Many of us have bought an excellent Dyson vacuum. I have also visited Lord Bamford’s JCB factory which must be one of the finest workplaces anywhere.

So you’re right, Mr Brooke, Theresa May should at least talk to these brilliant people.

From: John Turley, Dronfield Woodhouse.

ROBERT Bottamley (The Yorkshire Post, May 29) describes those who oppose Brexit as being undemocratic. After the Conservative’s election victory in 2015 with 37 per cent of the vote, the same percentage of the electorate who voted Leave in the EU referendum, would he also describe those who support the Labour Party in similar terms?