YP Letters: We need voices to represent all of Yorkshire

Will devolution benefit the whole of Yorkshire?Will devolution benefit the whole of Yorkshire?
Will devolution benefit the whole of Yorkshire?
From: JKM Krawiec, Station Road, North Thoresby, Nr Grimsby.

YOU argue that we need a voice for the whole of Yorkshire and it is right that Yorkshire’s interests are looked after. However it does not follow that we need just one body for the whole of the county.

The Chancellor met three metro mayors, none of whom represents a county or counties (The Yorkshire Post, September 5).

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Rather they represent 
greater city areas, hence why a Greater Leeds and a Greater Sheffield should not be at that table.

You are right to push that Yorkshire needs to be properly resourced, but pushing for a single body or mayor will only ensure that the other parts of Yorkshire outside the urban cores will not have a proper voice if we just have one body or mayor.

History (for sound reason) shows that there has never 
been a single authority for 
our county (it was always the three Ridings plus the city of York).

This has never diminished our justified pride in God’s own county, and we need to ensure the correct number of voices at the table.