YP Letters: What became of British Bulldog spirit in our dealings with EU?

From: Dick Lindley, Altofts, Normanton.

HOW sad and embarrassing it is to witness the feeble efforts of our government in their initial attempts to escape the tyranny of the EU. Where has the spirit of the British Bulldog gone?

It would appear that Labour party and the Liberal remainers have successfully managed to emasculate him.

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It is a extremely fortunate that the last time when we were threatened with annihilation by the powers of continental Europe, we had a brilliant leader – Winston Churchill.

I do not know what our pathetic negotiators are preparing to surrender. I am afraid that they will probably be remembered in the same way that we now think of Neville Chamberlain.

Sadly I have a feeling of déjà vu about the current Brexit debacle. I think that we are about to make the biggest mistake Britain has made in the last 200 years.

We are in danger of letting this unique opportunity to regain our freedom and our national pride melt away like snow before the summer rain.

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From: Ken Pickles, ex-Gordon Highlanders, former 7th Armoured Brigade, British Army of the Rhine.

ON June 5 and 6, I attended funerals in Keighley and Silsden of two veterans of the Normandy Landings. They were the lucky ones, being in their 90s.

Do these posturing bureaucratic leaders of the EU have short memories? The remnants of our fathers’ generation and their sons are aghast at the rudeness and pettiness of these people, who seem to forget the deaths of thousands of British soldiers striving to free Europe from the heels of Nazi jackboots, quislings, collaborators and traitors.

Britain owes Europe nothing. Europe owes Britain and her Allies everything.

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Those who impede our peaceful withdrawal from a failed Soviet-style bureaucracy should hang their heads in shame, pay our outstanding war debt and call it quits.

Having been taught good manners, we wish Europe well and hope they get their act together ‘Lest We Forget’ should they need rescuing on any future occasion!

From: Alan Gray, Doncaster.

I AM 82-years-old and a Labour voter since the time of Hugh Gaitskell.

On Saturday I saw 
on TV the most frightening thing I have seen for many years – Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at Glastonbury to a baying crowd.