YP Letters: What is point of regulators who cannot regulate the NHS?

Social care is key to the future of the NHS.Social care is key to the future of the NHS.
Social care is key to the future of the NHS.
From: Robin Ashley, Sheffield Road, South Anston, Sheffield.

THE NHS deficit, apparently due to bad weather over the winter, is predictably astronomical and the regulator is “looking into it”. One might ask what useful purpose the regulator has to permit this deficit in the first place?

Interviews with a never-ending stream of NHS-related bodies just serve to highlight what an impossible task anyone has. Does anybody have any clear understanding of just how many CEOs there are, presumably with attendant empires? On the face of it, the NHS should be looking after our health. Instead it 
seems more concerned with 
our wallets.

From: Niall Dickson, Chief Executive, NHS Confederation.

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THE number of emergency readmissions to hospitals should come as no surprise to anyone – the system is operating at a level that is stretching staff and resources beyond the point where they are most effective.

Too often, bed occupancy is at unsafe levels and medical and nursing staff are working flat out, with too few of them to deliver optimal care.

Without new ways of delivering services and sustained investment, NHS and social care services will not cope.

From: Mrs P Harrison, Primley Park Drive, Leeds.

I HAVE just watched an excellent programme on ITV, NHS Heroes. It was a very fitting tribute. The only fault was how it was stressed that the NHS is free. It is not and never has been, it is only free at source.

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The National Insurance stamp was taken out of all working people’s wages to pay for this privilege. So it has never been free, only for the people who take advantage and have never paid into the system, believing the fallacy that the NHS is free.

From: Joyce Aveyard, Toronto Place, Leeds.

WITH reference to Davina McCall’s commentary on the tremendous specialist work carried out at the A&E department at Leeds General Infirmary, it was a revelation to watch experts go into action.

They brought help and comfort to victims and loved ones, using their skills, healing, plus saving lives. Tremendous achievements. We are all truly fortunate to have such dedicated people there for each of us, in hours of need. I have a special reason for my gratitude, these professional dedicated skills gave me back my son, beloved by many. He is so worthy of their skills. My heartfelt gratitude.