YP Letters: What Remain aren't telling you

From: Anthony Spencer, Wingfield Road, Alfreton.

A right wing demonstrator walks on flowers as he protests at a memorial site at the Place de la Bourse in Brussels, Sunday, March 27, 2016.

THE paymasters of Remain won’t put pressure on your local schools – they’ll sacrifice their children to Eton. They won’t congest your local GP or hospital – they’ll make do with Harley Street. Oh, and that new housing development on the fields that used to be on the edge of your town, they won’t be living there. It is so badly needed that they’ll manage with their country pile.

Yes, I can see why they want to remain. They have so much to gain, and so little to lose.

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From: H Marjorie Gill, Clarence Drive, Menston.

The Remain campaigners tell us that we are better able to fight terrorists in than out. Who are they kidding when our two nearest neighbours Belgium and France have both suffered devastating terrorist attacks?

From: Tim Mickleburgh, Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby.

The Government are keen to devolve functions to newly created local “super councils”, with the belief that people closer to the action will have a better understanding over what is taking place. In that case, why are they so enthusiastic about EU membership and letting a supra-national body have so much power over our lives?

From; Dave Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster.

The scaremongering about jobs and wages is another way to try and frighten the working class on which way to vote. Do you really think the bosses have your best interests at heart? They are part of the higher paid and only thinking of their own interests.

From: Howard Rainbow, Stanley, Wakefield.

If the referendum vote for what used to be Great Britain is out, will this unpatriotic Government stand down and call a general election? This country is not theirs to give away to the unelected bureaucrats of the EU.

From: Ian Oglesby, High Catton Road, Stamford Bridge, York.

Voting to remain in the EU in the belief that it can be reformed is a cardinal error. Mr Cameron’s best efforts showed that nothing will shake the determination of superstate fanatics.

From: John D Hill, Moor Ley, Birdwell, Barnsley.

If England votes by a smnall majority to leave the EU, but Scotland decides by a large majority to stay and tips the result in favour of Remain, it would leave us marooned in a corrupt, dysfunctional set-up. I will be voting to leave in attempt to correct the mistake I was conned into making in 1975.