YP Letters: Where are examples of EU law harming our way of life?

From: David Craggs, Goldthorpe, South Yorkshire.
Brexit - what direction will the debate take in 2018?Brexit - what direction will the debate take in 2018?
Brexit - what direction will the debate take in 2018?

ONE of the criticisms of the EU, quoted by both Remainers and Brexiteers, has been the laws it has over the years imposed on us.

But ask those people to give just one example where such a law has been detrimental to their way of life, and they struggle to do so.

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On the other hand there are many examples where the EU should have acted and failed to do so. One such example of this is the way it has failed to take action against the primitive practice of the trapping and slaughter of songbirds in places such as Cyprus and Malta, as they migrate from Europe to Africa, a practice that has gone on for years. The EU should have legislated against this years ago, but failed to do so. Why not?

From: John Turley, Dronfield Woodhouse.

IT is wishful thinking in the extreme to suggest, as Alan Chapman does (The Yorkshire Post, January 8), that a compromise Brexit arrangement will result in a major revival for Ukip, and even more ludicrous to suggest that they might actually win a majority in the House of Commons. This is the political party that gained only three per cent of the popular vote at the last General Election, failed to have any MPs elected, and whose boast that they would make major inroads in the traditional Labour heartlands spectacularly failed to materialise.

Many Ukip supporters appear to make the mistake of assuming that a small majority who, for a variety of reasons, voted Leave in the EU referendum translates into support for them.

From: A Hague, Leeds.

IT never rains but it pours. Another letter has tried to belittle the Brexit voters. Your correspondent John Cole compares it to demotion from the Premier League in football.

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How can you compare kicking a ball around to paying billions to be ruled by a corrupt organisation? Remember that Brittania ruled the waves once. As for democracy being kicked into touch, why vote if the losers won’t accept the result? Some people have nothing better to study than kicking a ball.

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

I’M not sure who is the most ungracious loser, Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho – whose antics represent the worst of football – or those Remain supporters who refuse to accept the result of the EU referendum. Please advise.