YP Letters: Why block the shops in Whitby that local people need?

From: Ian Dixon, Fishburn Road, Whitby.

WE keep hearing in the news that the high street is dying, with shops closing due to the internet.

Well now Whitby is starting to get empty shop premises.

But I was interested to read that CeX, the DVD, electronics and phone business, wants to open in the town but the Civic Society is objecting.

Does Whitby put the needs of tourists before those of local residents?

Typical in Whitby, we never get shops that are useful to locals.

How many more jet shops, cafes and eating establishments do we need?

CeX deal in mobile phones and electronic goods, the kind of business we desperately need in Whitby.

But the Civic Society is objecting because it’s not in keeping with the area. Typical, a committee which doesn’t represent locals or their needs.

Well a lot of locals don’t want all the housing developments but we have got them. It’s no good objecting, because we get them anyway.

Seems the indigenous population in Whitby has no say and has to live with this tourism obsession.