YP Letters: Yorkshire has the skills to lure Channel 4

From: Amjad Bashir, Conservative MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber.

Can Channel 4 be persuaded to relocate to Yorkshire?
Can Channel 4 be persuaded to relocate to Yorkshire?

MARK Casci’s recent business editorial highlighting why Channel 4 should come to Yorkshire was the right message, in the right tone at the right time.

Broadcast bosses are not a charity and will not base their decision on who needs them most or who makes the most heartfelt plea. They will base it on what they need to make a creative and commercial success of moving their headquarters away from London.

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The main draws will be affordability, accessibility, a can-do attitude, ready access to the right skills and experience and the right accommodation and lifestyle for their workforce.

Can Channel 4 be persuaded to relocate to Yorkshire?

Yorkshire is hugely successful, but property and land are still affordable and available, and our planning authorities are broadly sympathetic to the needs of big employers.

We are a longstanding home to other major broadcasters and there is big pool of talent and experience here. It is practically impossible to take a walk around Hebden Bridge or Holmfirth these days without bumping into an off-duty producer, filmmaker or scriptwriter. And the Channel 4 bigwigs only need to scan the pages of The Yorkshire Post to see what we have to offer by way of desirable housing. culture and leisure opportunities.