YP Letters: Young are now force-fed bitter Brexit

From: John Cole, Oakroyd Terrace, Baildon, Shipley.

Should there be a second referendum on Brexit?

ONE of the most reprehensible episodes of British history just before the Great War was the forced-feeding of those suffragettes on hunger strikes in the prison system.

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Today the Brexiteers are seeking to force-feed the UK population with our leaving the European Union. Their excuse is that we voted for it (narrowly – 52 to 48 per cent) in June 2016 and therefore we have to go ahead with it.

The above justification loses all value when we factor in the shift in popular opinion since the referendum vote. All polling evidence shows that, in the light of additional information, 53 per cent would vote for Remain, and that is using the most conservative estimate of the shift.

Since June 2016 nearly two million new young voters have come onto the electoral register. Of those who intend to vote, an astonishing 87 per cent would support Remain.

With what justification can our parliamentarians insist on force-feeding us Brexit when the majority have zero appetite for it?

From: Michael J Robinson, Park Lane, Berry Brow, Huddersfield.

A REPORT tells us that ‘hundreds of lawyers’ want a second referendum, quoted as saying “voters are entitled to know what they are voting for” (The Yorkshire Post, November 5).

I voted in favour of the UK joining the European Economic Community which we did on January 1, 1973. Only later did the country discover that as part of the price this nation paid for being granted membership of the EEC was the surrender of the UK’s fishing waters.

Believe me, Edward Heath had not told any of us that he had agreed to sign away our fishing grounds as part of the deal for joining.

From the very start of the UK’s commitment to becoming part of what was not at that stage the grandiose Federal ambitions of the likes of Jean-Paul Juncker and Donald Tusk, we voters 
were not told what we were voting for.

But we certainly knew what we were voting for in June 2016 when we said ‘Leave’ this corruptly unaccountable out-of-touch liberal elite collection of third-tier politicians seeking to turn a trading organisation into a United States of Europe, following delusional leaders whose experience of being Prime Ministers of Luxembourg (pop. smaller than Bristol) and Poland (pop. smaller than Iraq) is surely nowhere near adequate qualification for such a job.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

WHO, in the ordinary run of things, cares one jot about Arron Banks’s donation to Brexit? We have serious violent crimes being committed on a daily basis.

Murder has become commonplace with stabbings and shootings in our major cities a daily occurrence, and yet the total focus in on the donations to Brexit by a British citizen.

If this Government had an ounce of common sense, Ministers would understand that we, the ordinary people, are more concerned with crime being committed on a daily basis on our streets than the machinations of people who, like me and thousands of others, just want to get out from under the EU’s costly yoke.

Decline and fall of Britain

From: Tarquin Holman, Farsley.

AS a 94-year-old veteran of World War Two, can I ask what is happening to law and order in our once beautiful country?

Hospital staff, police and firemen and women being reported as being attacked simply for doing their job whilst our well paid and pensioned political class just talk with no action. Liberal laws lead to the ‘Fall of Rome.’

Great Britain, the country I fought for, is sinking into a degenerate mud bath. We urgently need proper leadership that identifies with the man/woman in the street. Any responses would be welcome.

Why sack our best soldiers?

From: Dave Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster.

WHAT kind of economics is it to sack professional soldiers that came home with lots of experience from the Gulf wars and now they find that they can’t get new recruits?

The British public appreciated what they have done and gone through for us, but the Government paid lip service to them (saying what a great job they had done) and then proceeded to sack many of

They jailed a soldier for doing something that must be expected in war.

Now they complain they can’t get new recruits. I wonder why?

Thanks to my knight of road

From: Barbara Bird, Stockport.

COULD you please help me thank a Good Samaritan who changed a wheel for me at the Ferrybridge service station on October 26?

He pointed out the flat tyre before I went out onto the M62 and did the job himself.

When I got to my B&B at Spurn, the owner took the wheel to a garage eight miles away and put it on the car when he got back. Is this just Yorkshire folk or do we forget just how kind people can be generally?

What’s in an online name?

From: CJ Ball, Finkil Street, Hove Edge, Brighouse.

FURTHER to recent correspondence about newer and more informal styles of address, it would seem that if I wish to join the social media revolution, plain Mr C Ball of Brighouse, Yorkshire, is no
longer good enough. Instead I must reinvent myself using a symbol laden new “tag” such as #[email protected]#briggus#whiterose-county.