Princess disputes Duke of York's Airmiles Andy nickname on TV

THE Duke of York is the "best single dad", his daughter has said.

But Princess Beatrice, 21, added in a television interview that “it would be nice for him not to be single”.

According to the Goldsmiths university student, her parents are the “best of friends”.

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During the interview, Beatrice said of Andrew and her mother Sarah Ferguson, who divorced in 1996: “Divorce is not really a word at home.”

The Duke, who celebrates his 50th birthday on Friday, told viewers he had learned lessons from his failed marriage.

He said that when his nephews Prince William and Prince Harry got married, those around them would be “fully aware of the consequences of getting it wrong”.

Andrew – who spent 22 years in the Royal Navy – also said he had “eminent sympathy” with William’s desire to serve on the front line but spoke of the co-operation needed for his younger brother’s tour of duty.

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“To put the same conditions for William is a lot more difficult,” he said.

Princess Beatrice also defended her father’s travel choices in his official role as UK Ambassador for Trade and Industry – the frequent flying which has led to him being branded Airmiles Andy – by saying how hard he works.

“I hate it,” she said of the nickname. “I absolutely hate it. It’s one of the most difficult things because I know what he’s really like.”