Producers sought to champion British wool

A rare opportunity is being extended to farmers by giving them a chance to help influence the marketing and promotion of a very British product.

Senior wool head grader Ian Brooksbank checks the fleeces at the British Wool Marketing Board's Wool House in Bradford. Picture: Simon Hulme

The Bradford-based British Wool Marketing Board wants to hear from any British wool producers interested in becoming a county member for its countrywide network of regional committees.

Board chairman Ian Buchanan said county members play a fundamental role in running the board through their local contacts and knowledge, whilst also serving as a public face of the organisation.

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“The support of our 81 county members is essential in helping raise awareness of BWMB activity to wool producers helping them to understand how the Board operates and changes which they may be seeing at the farm level,” Mr Buchanan said.

“Feedback from county members has been particularly useful in recent years as wool prices have been driven by the global market. Their contributions and comments have helped shape our communications and policies and ensured wool producers better understand the world market that we now operate in.”

The board’s chief executive Joe Farren added: “I would urge all wool producers to seriously consider standing as a county member and to help BWMB to continue the good work it does for the sheep industry. I am confident, with the help of the regional committee structure, BWMB can continue to drive demand for wool and hence improve wool prices.”

County members attend two regional meetings and an annual conference and are points of contact for the 40,000 wool producers who market their wool through the board.

Set up as a farmers’ co-operative in 1950, the organisation is Britain’s last remaining agricultural commodities board and holds 18 auctions a year from its headquarters in Canal Road, Bradford.