Public quiz for politicians as TV crews head back to town

the newly-refurbished Dewsbury Town Hall is to host the BBC’s Question Time programme for a second time.

The BBC has decided to use the Victorian town hall for its show on Thursday, March 1.

Question Time first came to Dewsbury Town Hall in March 2010 and as it was International Women’s Week it was an all-female audience, a first at the time for the BBC programme.

This time round both men and women can take part.

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Local politicians have welcomed the news, saying it would help raise the profile of the town and its town hall.

Council leader, Labour’s Mehboob Khan said: “Dewsbury Town Hall is fast becoming the destination of choice for television companies, including popular ITV dramas Emmerdale and Eternal Law and now a return visit from the BBC with Question Time.

“It’s a great way to raise the profile of Dewsbury and highlight our spectacular newly refurbished town hall.”

The building has also been used as a set for A Touch of Frost and The Darling Buds of May.

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Question Time continues to attract approximately 30,000 applications from the public wanting to be in the audience.

For those wanting to apply to be part of the audience, details are available on the BBC website at