Pushing the boat out for a summer excursion on the Yorkshire coast

Given the warm, sun-blushed summer we've been basking in thus far, there is something undeniably tempting about spending a few hours out at sea enjoying a spot of fishing.

PIC: Tony Johnson
PIC: Tony Johnson

At this time of year, particularly when the weather’s set fair, pleasure fishing trips like the one pictured here launching from North Landing, at Flamborough on the Yorkshire coast, are popular weekend excursions.

Backed by striking chalk cliffs located to the north of Flamborough Head and the lighthouse, the beach is home to rock pools and chalk caves 
which are accessible only at low tide.

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It’s a popular place with families for paddling and rock-pooling and those wishing to do a spot of kayak-fishing or paddle-boarding.

For nature lovers there are several walks from North Landing around the Heritage Coast and along the cliffs as well as two nearby reserves at Flamborough Cliffs and Bempton Cliffs.

As you would imagine there is a rich history of fishing out of North Landing that can be traced all the way back to the 13th century.

This area was home to the coble, an open traditional-style fishing boat, and at one time as many as 80 cobles operated out of the bay. These traditional Yorkshire cobles were specially designed and built to operate in areas with no harbour. The shallow keel allows the boats 
to be dragged up and down 
the beach and also offers 
stability when landing on the shore.

The cobles were originally powered by oars and sails but were later modernised to include an engine and motorised pot hauler.

It’s been said that the coble design was based on the Viking longboat, with the wide base creating stability at sea alongside easy beaching and control in shallow water.

These days there are only a few cobles that now operate out of North Landing, though crab and lobster fishing still thrives.

Long may that continue, and the same goes for this glorious summer sunshine.

Technical details: Fuji X-Pro1, 18-55mm lens 1/250th sec @ f11 ISO 100.