RAF royal flight visits Leeds Bradford Airport

An aircraft used to transport members of the royal family visited Leeds Bradford Airport today.

The aircraft is used for VIP transport duties

The BAE 146 passenger plane is operated by the RAF and is part of No 32 (The Royal) Squadron, based at Northolt near London.

The aircraft is used to transport both members of the royal family and senior RAF personnel, although it is believed to have been at LBA for training reasons as part of a week of military exercises.

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One of the world's biggest planes lands at Leeds Bradford AirportPrior to 1995, the royal family had their own dedicated squadron of RAF planes and helicopters known as the Queen's Flight, but this was abolished and replaced with No 32, whose VIP transport duties are secondary to their military function. The royal aircrafts' distinctive red livery was withdrawn in 2004 over fears that it made them more vulnerable to terrorist attack.

The RAF's royal flight aircraft on the runway

The royal flight aircraft are equipped with anti-missile technology.

This is why a huge military plane was flying over Leeds todayThis week has seen intense military activity at Leeds Bradford. A Canadian Air Force C17 transport plane visited over the weekend, followed by an RAF C17 and an Airbus A400M, as well as Tornado and Hawk fighter jets.

Photographer Andrew Easby was on hand to capture the latest arrival.