Resident speaks out after blowtorch burglars break into her Pontefract home

A resident has spoken out after burglars blowtorched their way into her home and stole their car.

Jo Jarvis and her husband had been asleep when the intruders got into their home on Pontefract’s Willow Bank Drive.

It happened at around 1.30am on Monday when a group of men used a blowtorch on the back patio doors of the property and once inside snatched car keys, a wallet full of cash and a coat.

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The five-strong gang were seen on a neighbours external CCTV camera pushing the Golf  GTD off the drive so not to disturb anyone, before starting it at the end of the road and driving off.

It was later clocked by an ANPR camera in Bradford.

She said: “What gets me is that they have been in my property and it’s really unsettling - neither of us slept the night after.

“It happened to our friend a few months ago, so we knew they were using blowtorches.” 

West Yorkshire Police have been warning people about the new methods being used by thieves, which they use the tools to remove the door handles.

Reaching temperatures up to 2,000c, it melts the UPVC around the door handle so it can be easily taken off to gain access to the lock.

This can then be twisted and bent before it snaps off.

There have been two break-ins reported in Normanton recently, along with this latest incident.

Anyone with details about the Pontefract burglary should call  police on 101 quoting the reference number 13190075511.