Retro: When a team of Harrogate footballers represented the nation in Asia

The Harrogate Veterans squad ready to fly out to Thailand in 2008.The Harrogate Veterans squad ready to fly out to Thailand in 2008.
The Harrogate Veterans squad ready to fly out to Thailand in 2008.
The year 2008 saw England fail to qualify for the UEFA European Football Championship but that was also the year a team of Harrogate footballers would represent the nation in Thailand.

Harrogate Veterans FC had formed to give men over the age of 40 in the district a chance to continue playing football on a regular basis.

But a decade ago, the team travelled to Phitsanulok, Thailand to represent the Three Lions against the United States, Australia, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates and Thailand for the trophy in the Seniors World Cup.

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The tournament was supported by the Football Association of Thailand and organised by the country’s Senior Football Association.

But as the only non-international side invited to compete, the team were seeking sponsorship to help get them on the plane to the pitch.

In 2008 the Harrogate Veterans had been running for some 15 years and it was the third time the Senior World Cup had been held.

Every year the Veterans would take part in the National Umbro Veterans competitions, where they had two teams.


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On February 8, 2008, this newspaper reported a huge victory for a longrunning Advertiser campaign to save the town’s post offices from closure.

The campaign had been launched the year previous in light of plans by the company to close hundreds of its branches nationwide, including the post office on Cold Bath Road.

But with the support of the MP and residents, the branch was granted reprieve and still remains open today.


Twenty years ago this week, members of Harrogate Council’s leisure and amenity services committee had voted in favour of proposals to widen existing pathways on The Stray and adding a dividing line to separate pedestrians and cyclists.

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But the plans were met with strong opposition from the Harrogate Civic Society who said the idea posed a hazard to pedestrians enjoying The Stray and that if new separate lanes were later introduced it would damage the appearance of the space.


In 1988 Harrogate and Knaresborough bus users were benefitting from a fares battle between West Yorkshire Road Car company and smaller firm, Harrogate Independent Travel.

Just a week after the Harrogate operator introduced concessionary fares for pensioners the giant West Yorkshire company announced maximum fares of 15p on all local journeys within the two towns and 25p on journey travelling between the two.