Review of licence for bar beset by violence

A SPATE of violent incidents, including a knife attack, have prompted police to call for the review of the licence of a bar in Sheffield.

Redstone, on West Street, opened in February and, according to police, attracts known gang members.

Tomorrow members of Sheffield Council’s licensing board will review Redstone’s licence.

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Committee members can choose to take various steps, such as revoking the licence, suspending it for a period of time or imposing new conditions.

In papers set to go before that meeting, Supt Martin Hemingway says that 16 incidents have taken place at Redstone since March.

He said that the owner of the bar previously advised police that he would try and keep gang members away by ensuring that the “style of music and entertainment offered did not attract this undesirable and volatile clientele.”

Mr Hemingway adds: “He stated that he intended to take the venue in a more commercial direction to avoid attracting the wrong crowd. However, during a site visit on March 11, it became apparent to oficers that the style and character of the entertainment had remained largely unchanged.”

On July 10 this year, police told staff at Redstone to shut the bar early after a man was attacked outside and gang members were seen in the doorway.

One woman required surgery after being punched in the nose in October, and in November about 50 people were seen brawling outside.

In the early hours of December 2, a man was allegedly slashed in the stomach inside Redstone and was taken to the Northern General Hospital, though nobody would give the police any information on what had taken place.

The review hearing will be held at Sheffield Town Hall tomorrow.

Redstone’s owner Treasure Investments Ltd, based at Ecclesall Road in Sheffield, was not available for comment.