Royal couple may ask for charity gifts at wedding

Prince William and Kate Middleton are weighing up whether to ask wedding guests to donate to charity rather than buy them gifts.

The young couple are busy finalising details for their big day on Friday April 29 and are considering the potential benefit they could create for the range of good causes they champion.

The pair announced their engagement in November nine years after meeting as students at St Andrews University.

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Since then, much has been made of the pair's awareness of the nation's belt-tightening amid the financial crisis.

The couple are said to be keen to avoid any shows of lavishness or ostentatiousness.

Miss Middleton, 29, will arrive at Westminster Abbey for the 11am service by car rather than carriage.

Yesterday, a Royal spokesman confirmed the Prince, 28, a search and rescue helicopter pilot, and Miss Middleton, a former fashion chain worker, were discussing whether to urge guests to donate to charity.

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The Clarence House spokesman said: "It is something they are considering but no decision has been made yet."

It is thought the couple will still happily receive presents from close friends and family.

For most young newly-weds it can be immensely beneficial to have a wedding list and receive a host of practical gifts.

But the Royal couple's wedding guests are extremely unlikely to be wrapping up toasters and cutlery sets.

A decision to ask guests to donate is seen as a real chance to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds, if not more, for the needy.