Samurai sword and heroin among items seized in Humberside Police operation

A two-week crackdown on drug dealing has resulted in 51 arrests and the seizure of a large quantity of drugs, weapons, £5,000 in cash and other property by Humberside Police.

Operation Impact was launched on February 1 and saw police recover a haul which included heroin, cocaine, cannabis, two firearms, two machetes and a samurai sword.

Money laundering investigations focused on two homes and a significant amount of expensive property including hot tubs and gym equipment, plus clothing worth £30,000.

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Arrests were made for offences ranging from possession of controlled drugs and possession with intent to supply controlled drugs, to burglary, possession of firearms and money laundering. Four other people received warnings or summonses.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Kirby said: “Operation Impact has undoubtedly disrupted those involved in organised crime and associated drug dealing. Not only has the force recovered drugs, but weapons and firearms have been taken off the streets making our communities safer.

“Drug dealers are a magnet for associated crime and anti-social behaviour and they have a big impact on the local neighbourhoods. One of the main aims of the operation was to show residents we are tackling these issues and the feedback from the community was excellent, with many people coming up to officers thanking them for taking positive action. The operation has also involved a large number of partners which has enabled us to support anyone wanting help to tackle their drug misuse and dealing with other wider community issues.

“A large number of people will be charged on the back of the arrests during the operation and it will have a longer effect on those dealt with by the courts than just a custodial sentence, as we will be pursuing inquiries under the Proceeds of Crime Act. This will ensure those people living a lavish lifestyle funded by crime will have their assets seized, in a clear statement that crime does not pay.”