Scarborough clergyman to take up church revitalisation role

The Archbishop of York has appointed a new chaplain who has ministered in New Zealand to advise on church missions.

Archbishop of York John Sentamu
Archbishop of York John Sentamu

The Venerable John Day will take up the role of assistant chaplain in mission strategy and church revitalistion alongside his position as duty priest at St Chad’s Church in York.

Dr John Sentamu confirmed the arrival of Scarborough-born Day, who has worked all over Yorkshire during his Church career.

He has held office in inner-city areas of Leeds and Bradford and enjoyed a spell in the Christchurch diocese in New Zealand.

He will work closely with the Bishopthorpe Palace and diocesan staff, bishops and missioners.

“I am really looking forward to supporting the Archbishop in his ministry in the diocese of York and in the Northern Province. It has been encouraging to learn about all that’s going on in the north and I am excited to engage with this work as it progresses in parishes, in deaneries and dioceses. This is a fantastic opportunity to reach out to others, to help parishes see how they can serve their communities and to grow in the power of the Holy Spirit,” said the Venerable Day.