School children start fire in Sheffield park after burning exam books with their names on

A group of Sheffield school started a fire in Richmond Park yesterday afternoon after burning their end of year exam books.
Fire in Richmond ParkFire in Richmond Park
Fire in Richmond Park

Firefighters from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service rushed to the park yesterday afternoon after reports of a blaze.

Upon arrival, firefighters found a number of end of year exam books from a Sheffield school which had been purposefully set alight.

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Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire with the help of a group of kind-hearted local children.

Police are now investigating the deliberate fire and said that a number of school children's names were found on the front of the exam books.

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said:" Tonight we have attended a deliberate fire on Richmond Park.

"Luckily the Fire Brigade have attended and managed to extinguish the fire with the help of some local youths (who didn't start the fire but were keen to help put it out).

"It seems the items set alight were end of year exam books from school. Lets hope they get top marks for creativity as to the reasons why their names appear on the front of these books."